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Procedures for Installing Ink Cartridges

The instillation of most ink cartridges is straight forward. The following procedures cover the majority of ink cartridges:

1. Remove yellow/orange tape from the top of the cartridge.

2. Remove the small rubber stopper from in between the clip and body of the ink cartridge (Applies mainly to Epson cartridges)

3. Hold the cartridge and twist the orange nozzle cap off. Some nozzle caps simply clip off. ( Applies mainly to Canon cartridges)

4. Install the cartridge with printer turned ON making sure that it is firmly clipped in.

5. Print a test page to make sure that the cartridge is printing correctly.

Note: If you encounter any issues whatsoever during instillation PLEASE dont hesitate to contact our friendly staff as they are more than happy to assist you with any technical issues you may have.