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Brother Updates Firmware

In an attempt to slow down the use of Generic Ink Cartridges Brother have released a firmware update on all of their latest printers. About a year ago Brother started to use micro chips on all of their ink cartridges to give them more control over how the printer interacts with the cartridges..

Up untill then Brother inks relied on the printer itself to recognise the ink cartridges and their printers were unable to recognise the difference between a genuine Brother cartridge and a generic cartridge. This in turn was obviously robbing Brother of a huge slice of their income and hence the move towards combatting the non genuine market.

Since the release of the Brother LC 133, 135XL, 137XL and 139XL ink cartridges there has been at least 3 firmware updates which has prevented these cartridges from being properly recognised when installed in the newer Brother printers. The method employed by Brother is very similar to that of Epson printers which have been relentlessly working towards slowing the use of generic cartridges in their printers.

Can I still use Compatible inks in my Brother Printer ?

Even though Brother and other printer manufacturers continue to plug away at slowing the spread of non genuine inks, the manufacturers of Generic Inks work at fixes to get around these constant firmware updates. They achieve this by creating new "Micro Chips" which will work correctly with the updated firmware and allow the printer to continue to operate as it would using ther genuine Brother cartridges.

So basically what happens is that when we find out that a firmware update has occured we import a whole new batch of cartridges with the new micro chip version attatched. Everytime this occurs all of our current stock is binned and replaced with the new updated cartridges. This assures our customers that our generic cartridges will work perfectly with their printer regardless of the printers firmware.

This is a point to remember when purchasing generic inks to make sure that you are getting the latest updated cartridges. This applies to Brother, Epson and many HP ink cartridges.

S2M2 cartridges are Guaranteed to work with your Brother Printer

At s2m2 we can guarantee that our Brother Compatible inks will always work in your Brother printer even if you purchase it today. No other retailer is more on the ball at making sure that our ink cartridges are compatible with firmware updates than us at s2m2. By being constantly in touch with our wholesalers we are always aware of firmware updates which affect various cartridges being recognised and we are able to get new updated chip versions usually within weeks of being released.