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Print Head Cleaning Kit

Print Head Cleaning Kit
Product Code: 200PHC
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Print Head Cleaning Kit

These kits have been very successful in clearing print heads which have become clogged. Clogging can occur for a great number of reasons and is most common in printers which use a "piezo" print head. Due to the nature of the piezo print head it is more succeptible to becoming clogged than a thermal print head.

This is the reason why Epson and Brother printers tend to clog more easily as they both use piezo print heads where as Canon and HP use a thermal print head which is more forgiving.

Will this kit fix my print head ?

If your print head is simply clogged or partially clogged then Yes our printer cleaning solution will break up the dried ink and cause it to flow out through the print head. If however your print head is damaged or is giving an error message then it wont fix these issues.

What causes the print head to become clogged ?

The print head can become clogged for a number of reasons. These include leaving a printer sitting around for long periods of time, infrequent printing, printing without the breather tape on the ink cartridge fully removed, printing untill your ink cartridges completely run dry or using very low quality ink cartridges. If the ink is of a poor consistency then it can quickly clog the small openings in the print head. This is why we reccommend to customers to buy high quality compatible inks from a reputable reseller who provides full contact details including phone numbers and an address !

What is Magic Bullet ?

Magic Bullet is a well known print head cleaning solution which is very heavily promoted in the USA and England. Our cleaning kit is basically the same thing but a generic version. Magic Bullet's claim to fame is that their solution is not Alcohol based so it wont corrode the delicate print head. Our solution is also not Alcahol based but consists of a very powerul detergent which breaks down the dried ink into very small particles allowing them to easily pass out through the print head and into the printers waste pad.

Is it difficult to clean the print head ?

Cleaning the print head is not a real dificult job and can be done quite easily by most peole. The kit contains full instructions and if followed carefully it is a fairly simple procedure. Basically you remove the cartridges, use the syringe to remove any ink remaining in the print head (syringe comes ith a flexible tube which attatches to print head) and then squirt a few milllitres of solution into each print head. Depending on how bad the head is clogged you may (in severe cases) have to leave it overnight so that the detergent has time to break down the dried ink.

Once this procedure is completed you can simply re install the cartridges and then print some "Purge Pages" which will help to push the ink out of the head and leave it nice and clean. Obviously if for example your Magenta print head is clogged then you print a Magenta Purge Page to clear it and so on with each colour untill the printer is all clear. The "Purge Pages" can be downloaded here.

What the print head cleaning kit contains

This kit comes complete with a 200ml bottle of powerul cleaning fluid (detergent based), a syringe with a flexible hose attatched and a set of instructions. These kits have been extremely popular and the feedback we have been getting from customers has been very good. Dont throw your old printer away if it's only the print head which is clogged. Give our cleaning kit a go and most importantly use good quality cartridges and print a full page image at least once a week.

For further help or advice on print heads or other printer related issues feel free to contact our friendly staff: Office: (08) 7324 3065 or Mob: 0408 691 299

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