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HP 564XL Compatible Value Pack

HP 564XL Compatible Value Pack
Product Code: HP564XLVP
Availability: In Stock
Price: $39.60
Ex GST: $36.00
Compatible Printers:

Photosmart 5520 -  Photosmart B109a -  Photosmart B109n -  Photosmart B110a -  Photosmart B8550 -  Photosmart D5460 -  Photosmart D5463 -  Photosmart D5468 -  Photosmart C5324 -  Photosmart C5370 -  Photosmart C5373 -  Photosmart C5380 -  Photosmart C5383 -  Photosmart C5388 -  Photosmart C5390 -  Photosmart C5393 -  Photosmart C6380 -  Photosmart C6324 -  Photosmart C6375 -  Photosmart D7560 -  Photosmart B209a -  Photosmart C309a -  Photosmart C309g -  Photosmart C310a -  Photosmart C410a -  Photosmart C510a -  Photosmart 7510 -  Photosmart 5510 -  Photosmart 6510 -  Photosmart 7520 -  Photosmart 6520 - 

HP Photosmart: 5510, 5520, 6510, 6520, 7510, 7520, B109a, B109n, B110a, B8550, D5460, D5463, D5468, C5324, C5370, C5373, C5380, C5383, C5388, C5390, C5393, C6380, C6324, C6375, D5400, D7560

HP Photosmart Plus: B209a, B210a

HP Photosmart Premium: C309a, C309g, C310a, C410a

HP Photosmart eStation: C510a

HP Deskjet: 3070A, 3520

HP Officejet: 4610, 4620

The HP 564XL Generic Value Pack represents great value compared to the rediculous price of the genuine equivelant 564XL cartridges. We guarantee that these cartridges will work exactly the same as the HP Genuine Cartridges without the high price tag.

The HP 564XL Value Pack cartridges utilise the latest micro chip version which we guarantee will be compatible with all printers listed above.

The HP 564XL Value pack contains the following cartridges:

1x  HP 564XL Black High Yield Ink Cartridge (Huge 24ml)

1x  HP 564XL Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge (Huge 15ml)

1x  HP 564XL Magenta High Yield Ink Cartridge (Huge 15ml)

1x  HP 564XL Yellow High Yield Ink Cartridge (Huge 15ml)

Note: Some of the above listed printers also use a 5th cartridge HP 564XL Photo Black.

These are the very latest micro chipped version HP564XL's which also are 100% compatible with the latest model HP Photosmart 5520 printers. Be warned as many retailers are still selling the old version cartridges which are no longer compatible with the latest Photosmart 5520 printers.

As with all of our products if your'e not 100% happy with the performance of these cartridges then we will refund your money in full !

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